Nyzom injection use, price, dose, side effects, and composition

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nyzom injection veterinary

Nyzom injection 25ml Isometamidium chloride 250mg veterinary use, price, dosage, salt composition, benefits, and side effects; for cattle, buffalo, cow, goat, sheep, and dairy animals.

What is Nyzom injection?

Nyzom injection is an Anti-Parasitics and Anti-Protozoal injection of Isometamidium chloride Group of Intas animal health company, one of Intas pharma vet company’s best products. This medicine is used in cattle, buffalo, dogs, pets, sheep and goats for Trypanosomiasis Treatment and Prevention problems.

isometamidium injection uses

About Nyzom injection

Veterinary Injection Nyzom Isometamidium chloride

ProductsNyzom injection
Manufactured byintas pharmaceuticals veterinary
Brand NameNyzom injection 250mg
CompositionEach vial contains: Isometamidium chloride Hydrochloride 250mg
Presentation250mg vial along with sterile WFI
nyzom injection veterinary uses

Nyzom injection Composition


Each vial contains: Isometamidium chloride Hydrochloride 250mg

Nyzom injection use

Nyzom Isometamidium chloride injection uses for cattle, buffalo, goats, sheep, dogs, pets, and dairy animals.


  • Trypanosomiasis
nyzom dose

Nyzom injection Dose

Nyzom Isometamidium chloride injection Dose in Cattle, Dogs, Cats, Buffalo, pigs & Pet

Dosage & Administration:

Cattle, Buffaloes, Sheep and Goat:

Treatment: 0.25 – 0.5mg/kg b.wt.

Prevention: 0.5 – 1mg/kg b.wt.

  • Horse: 0.5 mg/kg b.wt.
  • Dog: 1mg/kg by b.wt.
  • Camel: 0.5 – 0.75mg/kg b.wt. by Deep I/M route only

Route: Deep Intramuscular

Presentation: 250mg vial along with sterile WFI

Nyzom injection Price

  • Nyzom injection Price MRP-210.00
nyzom injection use

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