Attract Bluebirds To Your Garden, According To An Expert 

Delicate leaves with a buttery texture, perfect for salads. Its soft leaves make it a favorite for wraps too!  

Understand Bluebird Types

Offer mealworms, suet cakes, and native berries like wild grapes and blackberries to entice bluebirds. 

Provide Favorite Foods 

Create an appealing habitat with native plants such as raspberry bushes, blueberry bushes, and pine trees. 

Plant Native Species 

Construct Gilwood birdhouses with specific dimensions and native wood to attract nesting bluebirds. 

Build Proper Birdhouses 

Position feeders close to the ground as bluebirds are ground feeders, making it easier for them to access food. 

Keep Feeders Low 

Install a birdbath to provide water for bluebirds, ensuring it's clean and regularly replenished to prevent disease. 

Add a Birdbath 

Keep some dead branches visible to mimic natural cavities, providing nesting opportunities for bluebirds. 

Maintain Nesting Spots 

Refrain from using pesticides to protect bluebirds' food sources and prevent harm to their health. 

Avoid Pesticides 

Foster a pesticide-free, natural space that meets bluebirds' needs for food, water, and shelter. 

Create a Welcoming Environment