10 flowers that butterflies love the most!

Butterflies are attracted to flowers rich in nectar and vibrant colors. Planting a variety will ensure a constant flutter of these beautiful creatures in your garden. 

Not just a favorite of humans, lavender's sweet fragrance and purple hues make it irresistible to butterflies like the Monarch and Swallowtail. 


True to its name, this bush is a magnet for butterflies. Its fragrant spikes of flowers in various colors provide ample nectar for our winged friends. 

Butterfly Bush 

With its bright and bold colors, Zinnias are like a neon sign for butterflies. These easy-to-grow flowers offer a buffet of nectar for butterflies to feast on. 


A must-have for any butterfly garden, Milkweed is essential for the survival of Monarch butterflies. Its nectar-rich flowers and leaves provide sustenance for Monarch caterpillars. 


Lantana's clusters of tiny, brightly colored flowers are like a bustling marketplace for butterflies. They attract a wide variety of species and bloom profusely throughout the season. 


Loved by both butterflies and gardeners alike, Coneflowers provide a sturdy landing pad and abundant nectar, making them a top choice for any butterfly garden. 


With its delicate clusters of flowers, Verbena is a favorite hangout spot for butterflies. Planting this low-maintenance flower will surely bring joy to your garden. 


These cheerful daisy-like flowers are a beacon for butterflies seeking nectar. Their long blooming period ensures a steady flow of visitors to your garden. 


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