How can You grow a lotus step by step!

Lotuses thrive in sunny spots with calm waters, providing ideal conditions for their growth. 

Choose the Right Location 

Lotus plants prefer rich, loamy soil. Prepare the soil by mixing in organic matter to provide essential nutrients. 

Prepare the Soil 

Plant lotus tubers or seeds about two inches deep in the soil. Tubers can establish faster growth, while seeds offer a wider variety of lotus cultivars. 

Plant Lotus Tubers or Seeds 

Submerge the planted tubers or seeds in water, ensuring they are fully submerged to encourage healthy growth. 

Submerge in Water 

Lotuses require plenty of sunlight to thrive. Choose a location that receives full sun for most of the day. 

Provide Adequate Sunlight 

Keep the water level consistent, ensuring it covers the lotus leaves but doesn't submerge them entirely. This helps prevent rot and encourages healthy growth. 

Maintain Water Levels 

Use a balanced fertilizer sparingly to provide additional nutrients. Too much fertilizer can promote excessive algae growth, which can harm the lotus. 

Fertilize Sparingly 

Keep an eye out for pests and diseases that may affect lotus plants. Regular inspection and prompt action can prevent potential damage. 

Control Pests and Diseases 

Prune dead or decaying leaves and flowers to maintain the health and appearance of the lotus plant. 

Prune as Needed