Best Rescue and Search Dog Breed

The main jobs of SAR dogs may include the detection of humans, searching for avalanches and searching drugs and explosives. 

Belgian Malinoi

They are hardworking and energetic dogs. They can accompany you for long hours in rescue and search endeavors. They are excellent at finding drugs and explosives.  


With more than 300 million receptors and big nostrils, bloodhounds are considered one of the best SAR dogs. Additionally, they can be trained for this job quite easily. 


Primarily bred as a hunting dog, this breed can work long hours. They are energetic enough to run for hours in a search operation. 

Basset Hounds 

They are similar to Bloodhounds in many ways but have relatively lesser power of smell. They have long noses and large ears. With their shorter legs, they can efficiently scent the smell on the ground.


These are the smallest of the hounds but are good at smelling. Their ears are relatively small. But their willingness to work as a search and rescue dog. Their success rate is more than 90%.