8 Most Luxurious and Sought-After Mango Varieties in the USA

Alphonso mangoes are considered one of the most expensive and finest mango varieties. They are known for their rich, creamy texture, and sweet flavor. They are primarily imported from India. 

Alphonso Mango

Champagne mangoes, also known as Ataulfo mangoes, are small, golden-yellow mangoes with a smooth texture and a sweet, buttery taste. They are often imported from Mexico and are highly regarded for their quality. 

Champagne Mango

Kesar mangoes are another popular Indian variety known for their distinct aroma, sweet flavor, and vibrant orange color. They are often referred to as the "Queen of Mangoes." 

Kesar Mango

Nam Doc Mai mangoes are a Thai variety that is highly sought after for their sweet, juicy flesh and fiberless texture. They are known for their elongated shape and bright yellow skin. 

Nam Doc Mai

Keitt mangoes are large-sized mangoes with a green skin that ripens to a pale yellow color. They have a sweet and tangy flavor and are primarily grown in Florida and California. 

Keitt Mango

Kent mangoes are a popular variety in the USA, known for their large size, sweet taste, and fiberless flesh. They have a green skin that turns yellow with red blush when ripe. 

Kent Mango

Palmer mangoes are considered a premium variety due to their excellent flavor, sweet aroma, and minimal fiber content. They have a yellowish-green skin and are grown in Florida. 

Palmer Mango

Honey Gold mangoes are a hybrid variety that combines the characteristics of Kensington Pride and Sensation mangoes. They are known for their sweet, juicy flesh and golden skin. 

Honey Gold Mango

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