10 Perennial plants for pots 

You are interested in potted perennial plants. Let's make your containers full of color and life.

Plant fragrant lavender for a pop of color and a scent that'll transport you to a serene garden. Perfect for sunny spots!


Bright and cheerful, daisies are low-maintenance and add a whimsical touch. They love the sun but don't mind a bit of shade.


Spice up your pots with aromatic mint. Great for cooking and cocktails, and it's a fantastic ground cover too!


Geraniums are classic beauties that come in various colors. Thrive in pots, and they're easy to care for—ideal for beginners.


Bring elegance with hostas. These shade-loving perennials have stunning foliage, adding a touch of sophistication to your pots.


Sedums are sun worshippers that bloom with vibrant flowers. Drought-tolerant and hardy, they're perfect for busy plant parents.


Grow perennial strawberries for a sweet treat right from your pot! Compact and adorable, they're a fruitful addition to your collection.


Coral Bells, or Heucheras, come in a range of colors. Their unique foliage adds flair, and they're versatile enough for both sun and shade.

Coral Bells

Begonias are the go-to for shaded balconies. Their vibrant blooms and varied leaf shapes make them a pot perfection.


Ferns are timeless classics. Opt for Boston Ferns or Maidenhair Ferns for an elegant, cascading display. Keep them moist for lush fronds!


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